TRX Electronic Norway AS is an engineering resource and supplier of sensors for high end, critical process control in the oil/gas, maritime and other industrial markets. Typically we have sensors for pressure, temperature, load, forces, accelleration and tilt-/ inclinometer measurements. 

The sensors has certifications like ATEX, IECEx and explosion proof versions needed for oil/gas system integration. 

We have also system solutions including instrumentation like "Load monitoring of BOP cranes in ATEX zone" or  "Tension Monitoring Systems". 

Our sensors has standard analog or digital signal interfaces which can easily be integratet with various control systems. We aim to cooperate with OEM and control equipment manufacturers who need reliable, high quality sensors for applications like deep sea, subsea and for other demanding enviroments.

Dealing with sensors and control equipment we know that signal/noise ratio can be crucial in applications, specially in harsh envirionments. We cooperate with best possible partner in signal conditioning /communication solutions. 


We are proud to cooperate with world leading sensor and control equipment manufacturers in order to achieve this service and to build long term relationship with new partners and customers:

GP:50, NY- USA   Pressure, Temperature and Level measurement 

Jewell Instruments LLC, NH, USA.  Accelerometers, Inclinometers,Tiltmeters.

Sensy S.A, Jumet, Belgium. Load-/ Force- / Compression-Tension sensors /Instrumentation and system solutions.

Dataforth Europe, UK. Total selection of ruggedized industrial signal conditioning- and data communication devices securing machine data from environmental disturbances. 




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