Precision Linear and Angular Accelerometers from Jewell Instruments.

All Jewell Force - balanced (servo) precision accelerometers are fully self-contained. Connect to a DC power source and a readout or a control device and you have a complete operating system.

New Qrystal oscillator based accelerometer for high temperature application! (picture)


The output is high-level DC-signal proportional to acceleration and tilt -angle sine from as little as +/- 0,010g to + 20g full range. Jewell Precision accelerometers respond to change in velocity as small as 1microg. Hysteresis is less than 0,0005% of full range output and vibration rectification with less than 50 microG/G2. 

Please review the products more on our website  and at Jewell Instruments website.


Jewell Instruments is proud to announce the Quartz Flexure Accelerometer technology!

Operational in temperature range  -55° C to +180° C !


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